5,6,7 Station Bolt Parts Former

Multi-Station Bolt Parts Former (5 stations, 6 stations, 7 stations)

The multi-station cold former machines specialize for special shaped fastener, complex shaped parts, etc.

Available Optional Devices:

- Feeding length servo control with HMI
- Stopper length servo control 
with HMI
- K.O. length hand-wheel control, or servo control with HMI
- Digital hand-wheel control
- Adjustable P.K.O.

Cut off diameter: 6mm ~ 34mm
max. Cut off length: 280mm
(Special size is available upon request)



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    Adjustable P.K.O.

    Transfer mechanism at 
    cutter side (optional)

    K.O. servo control

    Digital handwheel controller

    Feeding length servo control

    Universal rotary transfer mechanism




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