3,4 Station Double Length Bolt Former

3 station / 4 station Long Stroke Bolt Former (3 die 3 blow / 4 die 4 blow Long Stroke Bolt Former)

The cold forging machines for: Hexagon bolt with large width across flats for high tensile structural bolts
Hexagon socket head cap screw, set screw, socket countersunk head screw. 
specialized for DIN / SAE standards

Available Optional Devices:

- Air Clutch & Inverter
- Pneumatic transfer mechanism
- Universal transfer mechanism
- Feeding length digital control, or servo control with HMI
- Stopper length hand-wheel control, or servo control 
with HMI
- K.O. length hand-wheel control, or servo control with HMI
- Digital hand-wheel control
- Adjustable P.K.O.

Product size: 1/4(M6) ~ 1(M24)
Product length: 15mm ~ 300mm

YDB Double Length

YDB Double Length

Long Stroke Bolt Former
for long screws, bolts, anchors, etc.

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    K.O. handwheel control (optional)

    Digital feeding control (optional)

    Pneumatic transfer (optional)




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